Tuesday, November 15, 2005

128 and counting...

I feel like I'm accomplishing so much but yet it keeps coming at me. I'm working so hard and running so much, but things just keep saying, "You forgot to do me!" Oh well. At least I am managing my stress well. Julianna's acrobatics at night have gotten worse and I'm having some pretty decent back pain, but at least the one poor night of sleep can usually make me sleep fairly well the next night. My counter says only 128 days to go.

I have my next doctor's appointment today. It's a nothing appointment so Jonathan is not going with me. All they are going to do is tell me that my belly is getting bigger and that I should try to watch the weight gain. (In other words, "You're getting fat too fast.") Samantha saw me after being gone a week on vacation and her eyes bulged and she said, "Well, there's your belly! I knew you'd get one!" :) And yes, it's there. Well, that's about all I know today. More tomorrow.

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