Wednesday, November 16, 2005

the most boring post ever

I went to the doctor yesterday and saw Dr. Thompson. He was a really nice looking young doctor and I was very happy to meet him. :) Both he and the nurse said everything was looking great. I have gained a total of 10.5 lbs and I will be five months tomorrow. My blood pressure was good and my belly was measuring normal. I also got to hear Julianna's heart beat again and she commented on how strong and loud it was. She told me to go to Build-A-Bear and get one of the recordable devices to put inside and bring it back to their office and that they would record her heart beat for me. Funny. Whoever thought of that? My next appointment is on December 13th and then I have to go back on December 22nd to take the glucose test for gestational diabetes. Ugh.

Tonight Jonathan is not going to be home because he is going to Greenville for the Ben Folds concert. I think that mom, whit and I are going to make cards together. Hopefully I will get a good start on Julianna's birth announcements. We'll see. Whit also got the rest of the ribbon to hang the letters on the wall in the nursery so maybe I can work on that too. Fun times.

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