Monday, November 21, 2005

another weekend re-cap

Whew! I had a busy - but great - weekend! We ran and ran all weekend and somehow managed to get everything done. Friday I was a little piggy and I ate a lot. Then Saturday I wasn't feeling too well so I didn't eat too much but i did get a drink and popcorn at the movies which I never do. Anyway, it serves me right, but I was SO sick Saturday night around dinner and afterwards with indigestion that I almost went to the doctor. I was in such pain that I just cried. When we got home around 10:30 Jonathan looked up on the internet what pregnant women could take for indigestion and luckily I was feeling somewhat better after 2 Tums and within the next 30 minutes or so. I slept propped up on pillows and started it all again on Sunday. I got a great night's rest last night though and I am glad to have the weekend behind me.

The good news of the weekend is that at Tgiving dinner with the Tuckers we talked to Mike and Kelly about getting a new sofa. He said that he had no problem getting whatever we wanted and we will pick up the fabric swatch book sometime this week. He just told us to go on the website and pick out the sectional style that we liked. So last night we measured the living room and Jonathan designed how the sectional would fit in the room in AutoCAD and we emailed Mike. Here's the best part though - they are wanting to sell their house and they have Marsh cabinets in it that are getting pretty beat up. They want to re-do their cabinets before they sell the house and he mentioned a possibility of us trading cabinets for the new couch. What's awesome is that Jonathan can get $25 tax free taken out of his paycheck each week to pay for any cabinets that he buys. I'm trying hard not to get my hopes up but I think we might have a new couch in the next few months and I'm super excited because I've been wanting one for SO LONG! Who cares if Julianna is going to puke on it! :)

Thank goodness it's a short week. We are headed to the beach on Thursday for a long weekend with the family. Lots of eating yummy food and shopping. I can't wait! We are going to watch movies, play cards, walk on the beach, knit, and play bocce ball! Whoo-hooo! Next Thanksgiving we will have a baby to take with us and I can say to the people, "The baby's in the car." He, he!

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