Tuesday, September 12, 2006

granny driving

all i need is the mini-van to complete my look.

ever since i had the baby i’ve noticed that i’ve just naturally become a more cautious driver. for the first week or two it was just that i was still sore from labor and delivery and then it progressed into the fact that i had to watch little J’s every move in the rear view mirror while i drove. now i just think i am naturally a little bit slower whenever i am driving. i don’t know if it’s a mom thing or what.

anyway, i still drive a little on the fast side, but i can tell that i’ve chilled out a little bit. of course, you’d think i was worried about our safety or something, but no. i think it is all because i am just super paranoid about getting a ticket and having the cop stand at my window tsk-tsking me while he looks judgmentally at the baby in the back seat. plus i am always rushing everywhere in between Julianna’s naps so getting pulled or in a wreck would seriously just slow us down that much more. (nevermind the possibility of injury, fatality, or even the cost of automobile repair.) nevertheless, a few more miles per hour slower, a minivan, and another child, and i will officially be one of those crazed and annoying mommy drivers.

they say having a baby changes things, but i had no idea!

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