Friday, September 8, 2006


the little girl cut her first tooth tonight. she was sitting in the floor gnawing on a frozen teething ring that she’s been having a blast with the past few nights and all of a sudden she just threw it down and started screaming. we tried to distract her with a toy but she was not interested at all and just really fussy for the next thirty minutes or so. so i felt her gums and there it was - a sharp little white tooth poking through the bottom right side. it’s no wonder she hasn’t been napping well the past few days. i kept blaming myself thinking that she wasn’t sleeping good because i got her so off schedule last weekend, but it turns out that wasn’t it at all. and i am very relieved. oh and another thing - those green beans that we didn't think she liked, well, that might totally not be it. hmmmm. anyway, if the little booger will hold still long enough for a picture i’ll come back and post it tomorrow. my little girl is growing up. SOB!


jes said...

if only I had this excuse when i start getting fussy. ;)

Erin said...

Ha, I finally got a Blogger account and can post comments to you! I hope that her teething is quick and as painless as possible. Do you want some assvice? Hyland's Teething Tablets worked better than Tylenol on P.

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