Thursday, September 14, 2006

poop, pee, whitney houston and other random thoughts

this past summer when little J and the grandparents and i went to the beach for three weeks we would take videos and post them on a private website for big J to see while he was home working. (luckily, he was able to come to the beach for ten days, but the videos helped pass the rest of the time he was away from his baby and make it a little more bearable.)

anyway, i had just weaned little J and the formula caused her to have a little bout of constipation. i called the doctor and they told me to give her water/juice, but in the meantime i took a hilarious video of her grunting and squeezing away and posted it for dad to see. it was really pathetic the amount she struggled, pushed, and turned red, but it was also a tad bit funny.

well since that time i have realized just how much she takes after her father. she has developed a habit of sometimes lifting one leg right before she poots. we always laugh at her, which i know we shouldn’t do because one day that will encourage her to do it more and more and at inappropriate times, but for now it is too funny. especially because she keeps the most innocent little look on her face. you can’t help but smile.

the night before last when i put her on the bed after her bath to rub lotion on her she immediately rolled over on her tummy (as she always does now that she’s learning how to play when she wants to play and not just when i let her play) and as soon as i rubbed down her back and touched her precious little baby butt cheeks she let out the loudest poot she’s had in a while. at first i jumped out of pure shock and then the giggles took over. too funny.

then one night this week she also decided that she couldn’t wait until she got in the tub (as she usually does) to go pee. instead she peed right after J took the diaper off and on him and the bathroom floor as he was helping her practice stand up against the side of the tub as the water was running. (we'll have to try to start teaching her that little girls sit down to go pee.) i know, i know, the running water will do it all the time, but it was still a little funny.

i don’t remember what it was like to not care or not even know when you had to go, but it sure must have been nice while it lasted.

so read this poop story. like all of Dad Gone Mad's stuff, it's really funny.

other random thoughts for today:
YAY for jeans on Friday! Friday is homecoming at my school so we can wear school colors (blue and white). Translation: Jeans Day.

BTW - the TODAY show did a style segment this morning on finding the perfect pair of jeans. i was excited to see it (i actually put off taking little J upstairs for her nap so that i wouldn’t miss it) because i love denim so much. well let me just say that it was majorly depressing. a big disappointment.

they showed four women three of which were size 0 – 4 (they printed it on the screen) and one that was a size 14. they kept referring to the size 14 girl “for those of you who need larger sizes” and that really irked me because since when is size 14 really larger? i thought “plus” sizes started around size 18 or so. am i wrong?

and even if plus sizes don’t start at 18, why did they not include a “plus” size model? or is the size 14 girl considered a “plus” size model these days? that is just sad considering that the average size of women in America in 2002 was 152 pounds and the average dress size is a 14.

"For women, the fashion industry's fit model, or the model they use to size clothes downward and up, is a size 8 (the average American woman wears a dress size of 11-14, according to the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.)"

basically we’re saying that anyone even one size above average falls into the “plus” size category. very depressing considering that i am just recently back in my size 12s since having Julianna and i am working so hard at getting in a size smaller. anyway, the TODAY show and Stacy London let me down.

so i had to read this to cheer myself up.

oh and one more thing. why is everyone making such a big deal about Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown? is it just because they’ve actually made it through 14 years of (i guess you could say) successful marriage and now they’re calling it quits? i say more power to her for filing the divorce. go Whitney! go get clean and lose all of those people who always bring you down. end the cycle before it ends you. but that's just my two cents.

and if my husband and i ever get divorced i’m keeping the baby. :)

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