Friday, September 15, 2006

hiking on the 5th

in the recent years my family has headed to a local state park to go hiking every once in a while. for the most part i think we’ve all enjoyed it. the problem was just making it a regular event and not placing it so low on the priority list. so. several weeks ago i decided that we should go hiking every time there is a fifth Sunday that month. that way we’d at least make it four times a year and it would be scheduled (yay for schedules!) so everyone would know when it was and we couldn’t back out.

the next fifth Sunday is in October (along with everything else in the world). we are needing to get some kind of baby carrier that will let us carry little j on our backs instead of the hand-me-down one we have that holds the baby in front and facing backwards (does that make sense?). little j has grown tired of that one because she can’t see out where we’re going and also it would make it really difficult for us to see the path on the trail with her in front. please let me know if you can recommend a baby carrier that puts the baby on your back.

now if only i knew how many extra calories i will burn hiking a few hours carrying an extra 18 or 19 pounds? this should be an adventure…

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Erin said...

An Ergo carrier. They're wonderful. I still occasionally carry P in his, and he's going to be 3 in December. It's extremely comfortable and lets them basically sit on your hips, which keeps them in balance with your center of gravity, rather than a frame carrier that puts most of the weight on your shoulders and pulls you off-balance. There's a picture of the one I made for P on my blog if you can find the post I wrote about being crafty.

Enjoy your hiking--it sounds like a great time!

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