Tuesday, September 12, 2006

weight loss wait

i ate kinda bad again this past weekend, i was just grumpy and hormonal and unmotivated. i didn't completely pig out or anything i just didn't really eat the best choices. i have kept exercising though.

my google weight tracker keeps saying, "Danger! You're heading away from your goal!" and that just pisses me off. it makes me the maddest because my weight hasn't changed so i don't know why it's displaying that message.

anyway, this morning i was up only a half a pound. i have been the same weight for at least the last week straight so that sucked, but since i walked yesterday morning and today and i am planning on going tomorrow too i hope that will balance it all out. i don't mind not losing as long as i don't start gaining again.

the good thing about the google weight tracker though is that because it keeps a moving average of my weight it encourages me to keep the long run in mind. i am not so much worried about taking off the extra weight quickly now. i am more concerned with keeping my moving average low.


i love google.

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