Friday, September 8, 2006

a note from the crib of little J

dear Nanna and Papaw,
thank you for taking care of me every day. i really have fun when you take me on walks and pick flowers with me. i love to hear you count the cars although i’m still not sure about all those numbers you keep saying. thank you also for saving me from having to look at that mommy person again! i get tired of her! i also really enjoy playing in the floor with you and sleeping at your house too. it’s nice to have a change of scenery. i’m still confused as to why Nanna keeps putting her hand up to her mouth and then making that funny kissing noise, but i do love when she feeds me and reads stories with me. i don’t know why she won’t let me eat the books more. thank you both for being so nice to me! i’m sorry when i am a cranky head and when i spit up all over your clean carpet, but thank you for loving me anyway. i love you! happy grandparents day!

this Sunday is national grandparents day. singer/songwriter Johnny Prill has written "A Song For Grandma And Grandpa" which is now the official song of national grandparents day! check out the National Grandparents Day Website to see how you can celebrate.


Whitney said...

awwwww how sweet. i wish there was a national aunt day so that julianna would write me a sweet note.

Nanna said...

Nanna and Papaw are honored to keep Julianna every day. It is such a joy when she grins and raises her arms to us. We love her with an undescribable love!

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