Thursday, September 7, 2006

they're little, they're black, and they're HORRIBLE

i hate ants! first they’re gross and whenever you see them you feel like they’re crawling all over you. second, they get into food and they’re nearly impossible to get rid of. third, none of the products that we’ve used actually stop them from coming. the sprays kill them, yes, but none of that other stuff actually prevents them from STILL COMING! and finally, i hate ants because THEY’RE TAKING OVER MY KITCHEN!!

this weekend we found quite a few ants on our island bar. we *think* they were coming in from the vent for the stove from under the house, but we’re still really not sure. we managed to kill all of those and over the course of several days J was able to clean out the whole island, get rid of all of those ants, and then put everything back.

well, yesterday when i got home from work i saw that there was a new path of ants across the floor headed to the cat food bowl. right. next. to. our. pantry. we got rid of all of those and it didn’t look like there were any in the pantry.

until this morning.

this morning i saw tons of ants as i sleepily opened the cheerios box and started to pour it into my bowl. they were all over it! UGH! now we’re going to have to clean out the entire pantry!

now people, it kills me to think of all that food that is wasted now. if any of you have been to my house or even if you just know me, you know that i’ve stockpiled enough food in my pantry to last practically a lifetime. (i wouldn’t ever want to be caught without something to eat – gasp! – and of course i also like to buy in bulk to try to save a few pennies. besides, i’m so type-A that the second i use a can of food or see that the sugar is getting low or whatever i immediately add it to the grocery list so that i am always prepared.)

as usual, this has come back to bite me in the butt. it’s always those people who work ahead to be prepared in advance and be ready for whatever that get crapped on. by the ants, no doubt.

leave me some love as i will be cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning out our pantry today.


Whitney said...

i will be home early today and i'll start cleaning out the pantry before i have to go babysit. sorry you had to start your day with ants in your cereal.

Erin said...

We had the same problem recently, except with weevils. Oh gosh, it was absolutely disgusting! We finally found their breeding grounds in a box of dog biscuits and haven't had many problems since, though we did have to get rid of a bunch of other foods. I hope that you're able to get rid of your ants quickly!

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