Thursday, September 7, 2006

triangle shorts

we exercised again yesterday morning. sigh.

after Monday's run i felt like a failure. i don’t know why but i just couldn’t do it. since j and i both had the day off on Monday we were able to sleep a little later and he and little j ran with me. it was the first time we got to use the jogging stroller (fun!) although hubby pushed it the whole time (isn’t he nice?!) and despite the fact that i was thrilled to have people going along side of me for a change i still just couldn’t run very far. i managed to run for a total of ten minutes (in only about 1.5 minute increments - i know, i suck) but at least i exercised for thirty minutes total.

so anyway, yesterday it was back to the usual grind and because of work we had to get up before the baby and go in the dark in shifts. for some odd reason i was able to do much better. (i still have a hunch that it’s the iPod or maybe just the fact that i over-ate this past weekend and was sluggish, but whatever.)

so finally i will get to the point of this post. yesterday i was out running with my own private thoughts and my shorts kept creeping up my butt. now in my family we have labeled fat-people-shorts-that-creep-up-the-crotch “Triangle Shorts” because they somehow look like they make a triangle as people’s crotches eat their shorts and the outer leg part of the shorts stays in place. i’ve always told my mom and sister when we see someone out wearing "Triangle Shorts" to PLEASE not let me get that fat (and my mom has asked to be told when her bra makes her back look like it has boobs too, oh but i digress).

just imagine my dismay this morning when i realize that i do in fact, now possess “Triangle Shorts.” it’s not just the shorts either. i think i’ve just gotten to that point where all of my exercise clothes are so snug that they all ride up my crotch.

first of all, family, why didn't you tell me??! second, i'm gonna have to do something about this disastor. help me get rid of my triangle short wearing body and i will totally love you forever. and maybe i'll even post a picture...

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