Wednesday, January 4, 2006

78, 77, 76, 75...

Whew! What a day it has been so far! I just couldn't get out of the house on time. Then I remember about 80,000 things that I forgot to do for this morning. Then all of my classes have been just plain crazy. Our devotion this morning was about not taking life too seriously and I think that it was highly appropriate for today. "A merry heart does good, like medicine," says Proverbs 17:22. So I am staying happy and already counting down the days 'til March - only 78 left now.

I forgot to mention yesterday that we got our couch and carpet ordered. How fun! We should have the room done by the end of the month. Jonathan is also scheduled to have lasik eye surgery on January 27th. I've joked with him that he's just having it so that he'll be able to get up and feed the baby in the middle of the night without having to worry about finding his glasses.

My family is planning a baby shower for us on February 12th and there's still the school one coming up in a couple of weeks. I feel like we've made some progress, but then again I don't. We don't have a stroller, carrier, car seat, baby monitor, breast pump, etc. Maybe these showers will help. I have to keep telling myself to wait because I want to go ahead and buy it all now myself just to make sure that we have it all whenever the time comes.

My poor body was so sore last night. I think it was a combination of being so active yesterday, the stretches from the night before, and walking someone through the workout at Curves last night. I know that since it is January the Curves workouts are not likely to let up. Maybe once I get back in the routine of standing all day it will be easier.

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