Monday, January 9, 2006

random musings

It's just another manic Monday. Ooooooo oooooohhhhh. I have a long day today so I am trying to stay sane. I have school and then work at Curves and then birth and beginnings class. Tomorrow our carpet is being installed and our couch should be here within a week. How fun! I had a great weekend. It flew by and of course was jam-packed, but it was good. I also have a busy week ahead this week. I didn't work on any lesson plans this past weekend like I should have. I didn't make the time. I also haven't done anything else with the nursery since last week.

Julianna had a very active Friday and Saturday. She was moving around so much. I don't know if it was something I ate or what, but she has gotten so much stronger and larger that I feel her all the time. She has also started kicking my organs and I can feel a sharp movement and quick pain when she does it. I can also tell every once in a while when I have a small contraction. My muscles squeeze together really fast and sporadic like. Then when you feel my belly it feels really, really tight for a bit and then relaxes. They are not painful but are very obvious. At first I thought they were just the baby deciding to be a spaz but then I realized that she couldn't possibly be kicking that fast and that much all over my belly. She is supposedly 3 pounds and 15.5 inches this week. I have my doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I don't know when they'll do another ultrasound and I'm thinking that maybe they won't unless there are problems, which makes me kinda sad, but we'll just have to wait and see. This baby thing is definitely testing my patience.

Anyway, my weekends are getting more and more full between now and March. Yesterday I found out that the Sunday School class wants to do a shower for us and then the Glenola shower has been planned for January 29th. I have to get a list ready for that. That means that I have a shower every other weekend between now and the end of February. :) How fun!

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