Tuesday, January 10, 2006

work and stuff

Another day, another dollar earned. I really like having a regular job that I have to report to, but you know? Some days are just harder than others to get there. This morning it was really hard to get up. I often find that Tuesdays are that way, but maybe by tomorrow I will be OK. Today is another busy day. I have work and then go feed mom and dad's cats while they are at the beach. Then I have to get gas and get to my haircut appointment by 4pm. After that I have to have my oil changed and be home in time for the carpet guy to come install our new carpet around 6pm. I am excited about the haircut and carpet. It has been way too long since I have had a haircut and it is so long and heavy on top that it is really getting on my nerves. I am going to make sure that I get my bangs cut short enough this time and if they look ugly then they'll just have to grow out. I'm tired of fooling with it! I am also excited about the new carpet. I hope it looks OK. It's a shame that we can't get the wallpaper taken down and the walls painted while the living room is cleaned out, but I know you can have everything perfect and there's just not time.

Last night was hectic. I was almost late for the class at the hospital because work at Curves was crazy. I did make it fine though and Jonathan and I laughed through most of the class which was a good thing because it was kinda depressing. It was all about pain management during labor and just made me dread it all. I know I will get through it, but I hadn't really been worried about labor at all until they talked about it last night - mostly because I hadn't thought a lot about it. But now I know I will start to get nervous as the time grows closer.

Tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment and then my appointments start every two weeks instead of every four. I don't know when I will find the time for all of this! Thank goodness my appointment is with Dr. Reuhland. I only have three doctors left that I haven't seen yet and I heard about this one doctor this weekend and how mean he is telling you that you're getting too fat and gaining too much weight. I have gained a lot since before Christmas and I'm glad I don't have to see him this week. I have gained 25.5 pounds and was told to aim for 20. I need to make sure that I start getting some exercise in!

Luckily, I haven't had any more leg cramps recently. I have been eating lots of bananas. I think that if I cut back on the milk, juices, and teas that I have been drinking and drink more water then that should help with the weight gain. I know that adds a lot of calories and I have never been a big drinker before but since I've been pregnant it's been extra hard to drink water. Anyway, those can be my goals for the next few weeks: to exercise and drink water instead of other stuff. Encourage me if you see me!

One more thing - I found out this morning that the lady that we thought was going to be my long-term sub for when I'm gone decided that she didn't want to do it. She would have been great because she is a computer software consultant for her "real" job but she only works about 4 days a month. Anyway, now we're back to square one and I am afraid that they are going to start grasping for straws so-to-speak and just get anyone. Then my kids won't be prepared and will goof off for the rest of the year. That of course, will make it harder on me next year. Joy, joy! I just want to have things finalized as soon as possible! Ugh! Well, I'm off to get something done this morning! More tomorrow!

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