Thursday, January 26, 2006

random thoughts

I had another first yesterday. I'm pretty sure I felt Julianna's heel or elbow poking out. It was this very sharp object protruding out of my belly. It didn't stay that way long - only about a minute - but it was very clearly one of her body parts lodged up against me in the wrong direction.

So at the doctor's office yesterday I had a weird visit. They took my blood pressure right after I walked in and it was 148 over 86 which is really high for me. I have been able to tell that my heart has been beating harder and faster lately, but the numbers did kinda worry them so they made me lay down for several minutes and then they took it again. The next time it was 117 over 69 which was much better and more normal for me. I had already told the doctor that I'd had some trouble sleeping and been under stress lately and he thought that might have to do with the high blood pressure (duh) so they recommended that I check it at least once or twice between my two week visits just to keep an eye on it. Everything else at the visit was fine. I'm still measuring normal and my weight was fine. We heard the heart beat again and it was good. I actually saw Dr. Masciello who delivered my friend's baby in August and I'd never met him before. He was really nice. I still haven't had "the mean doctor" which is fine by me (according to what I've heard).

I also got my speeding ticket taken to the lawyer's office yesterday. That was good. It's one less thing to worry about and although I really didn't need to waste that money on stupid stuff at least it will hopefully be forgotten soon.

Here are some random musings: My team got killed last night by Seton Hall. It was horrendous! Also, it would be nice to get some snow next week. Are we ever going to have some winter? I hate cold weather, but I wouldn't mind missing a couple of days of school next week. I work at Curves tonight and Jonathan has his eye surgery tomorrow. Pray that nothing goes wrong! It would be awful if he never got to see his little girl! More tomorrow...

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