Thursday, January 12, 2006

still so sleepy

I slept a little better last night. I got two solid hours from about 4 am until 6 am. I got a late start getting ready this morning, but it was worth it. I even slept right through Jonathan taking a shower which I don't normally do, but that was good to at least sleep solid for a little while. My body must be finally adjusting to not getting the 8.5 hours of good sleep I am used to because I haven't gotten sick yet (knock on wood).

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. I must be really scatterbrained though because I had written down that the appointment was at 3:45 and it turns out it was really at 3:15 so I was late and they rushed through it, but at least I got there. I have read on the message boards and pregnancy websites to not worry if you seem more forgetful now that you are pregnant, etc. I think it is because you are out of your normal routine and everything takes some adjusting to, but it's not like me to be late for any kind of appointment. It does seem like since I've been pregnant I have been a much later person in general no matter how much time I allot myself to get ready and get somewhere. Oh well. It's just another way that God prepares you for children, I think.

So the appointment went well. I asked and I don't have a UTI the baby was just probably pressed up against my bladder in an unusual position and I did not have high glucose levels after the screening test (only 129). I will have to have the strep B test at 36 weeks (that's the last test!) and I have to go back for my next appointment in two weeks. He commented that my weight had "seen a little jump" since my last appointment but that it was normal and common right after the holidays. That didn't make me feel too bad, but I do still want to slow the weight gain down.

Whitney told me a sad story yesterday about a young teacher at her school who had a premature baby in December and it needed an operation when it got to 5 lbs. Well, the baby never got to 5 lbs and then was in critical condition and they called the mom and dad over to the hospital to hold it and love on it until they took it off life support yesterday morning and then he passed away yesterday afternoon. How sad! It was their first baby and it makes me regret wishing that Julianna would be born early! I just want her to be healthy! So today my counter says only 70 days to go! I wonder how many times I will pee between now and then? Any guessers? :)

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