Monday, February 26, 2007

eleven months

Dear Doodle,

Where, Oh, Where does the time go? Yesterday you were 11 months old. It seems like just last week that I sat down to write your ten month letter and here I am again.

I also can’t believe that you’ve almost spent a year with us. We’re planning a little birthday party for you! Just immediate family, but I know you’ll have a blast. I can’t wait to introduce you to CAKE!

Some of your achievements this month include learning how to gives high fives and kisses and hugs. When asked, you point out eyes, ears, nose, mouth, belly and your all time favorite - teeth. You love to brush your teeth and you get excited when you see the toothbrush. You have so much fun trying to jump and climb. You love when we count, “1, 2, 3!” and lift your arms so that you “jump” high off the ground. You can sign eat, more, milk, and bath. You also feed your baby the bottle and play with giving it the spoon.

Occasionally you will say “Anna” when we ask you to say “Julianna.” You’ve also been saying Nanna and Papaw when we say things like, “Where’s Papaw? Can you call Papaw?” Your vocabulary has grown exponentially this month and you know so many new words. Words I never knew that you knew. I can say, “Julianna, will you bring me the giraffe?” and you will go to the toy box and find the giraffe and bring it to me.

You haven’t been sleeping that great because of those darn molars and a little chest cold you’ve gotten this month, but you’re still just such a good baby. We wouldn’t trade you for the world.

I spent the weekend away from you this past weekend because I went to the beach with the girls from church. It was my first night apart from you and it was so hard! I missed you so much! I had forgotten what it was like to not have our little routine. And when I came back I was surprised to see that I had forgotten parts of our routine. It took me just an hour or two to get back in sync with you.

Saturday when I called to check on you and daddy you talked to me briefly on the phone. When he took the phone away you got upset and starting crying, “Ma ma ma ma ma!” It broke my heart. I wanted to be with you so badly and pick you up and squeeze you tight giving you lots of kisses and hugs. I got off the phone and had a good cry. I knew it had to happen sometime and I’m glad you got some bonding time with daddy, but just know that I missed you very much. You are such a large part of my life now and being without you was like walking around with no watch, feeling naked and not having a clue what to do…

I love you girl. Happy 11 month birthday!

Love, Mama

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