Wednesday, February 14, 2007

random thoughts on valentine's day

I used to have this calendar. It was one of those free things you got in the bags of stuff they gave you when you moved into the dorms in college. You know what I’m talking about, right? Those bags of coupons and free razors and deodorant and stuff? Well at our school they (the calendars, not the free deodorant samples) were called “Wolfwise.” It had sections of weekly planning areas and it was covered with important campus information like maps and phone numbers as well as important dates, etc.

My Wolfwise was like my journal. It was my life. I was (and still am) so Type-A that I wrote EVERYTHING in that darn little spiral notebook. Going out to eat with friends? Write it in the Wolfwise. Home for the weekend? Write it in the Wolfwise. Psychology test? Put it in the Wolfwise. Big ACC basketball game? Of course that would go in the Wolfwise. Period coming up? Make sure you get that down, too. Everything from work schedules to class registration dates went in that thing. I even got to the point where I would write down the silliest of events or phone calls in the Wolfwise. It became like a journal of sorts. And I kept the past years editions for reference. You could look back in those things and find out anything you needed to about my silly little life.

My then boyfriend (now husband) would occasionally pick the thing up and write tiny little notes in it. He would pick dates far out in the future and write something sweet on it like JWT loves CLM or whatever.

I still keep a calendar (I couldn’t live without keeping a calendar) but most of it is online through google. You really should see my running spreadsheet, but I guess that’s a whole other story. This blog has sort of turned in to my “Wolfwise.” As it should be, it is my journal and my way of documenting important events and feelings.

But I still get such a nostalgic feeling sometimes when I think of those dumb little spiral notebooks and all of those sweet nothings from my CTO. Sigh.

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