Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i may be getting ahead of myself but....

I’ve been thinking about “the next baby” a lot. Names have been running through my head. Thoughts about what I wish I’d known before I had little J. Lots and lots of thoughts about better preparing myself for breastfeeding “the next baby”. If you’ve read this blog for a while you know that I quit nursing Julianna right about 3 months. I felt that she wasn’t getting enough milk and I was having a really, really hard time with it mentally and psychologically. It was just hard! And I was self-conscious and inexperienced. So I’ve been wanting to make sure I have anything that would help in any way at all make nursing “the next baby” easier than it was with little J and hopefully more successful. I want to get some nursing shirts and a sling. I picked up a Boppy pillow at that consignment sale I went to a while back. I also have lots of other goals in mind like having the baby try to nurse more in the hospital, etc.

I know that none of these things are necessary, but I don’t want any silly excuses to quit the next time around. I didn’t get a bunch of those things before because people told me that you could do without them and that there were always easier, less expensive substitutions to use instead. I’ve thought about it though and after paying over a thousand dollars in formula this year, buying a few special nursing pillows and shirts are worth the money if it helps me breastfeed more easily. I really feel more determined now although I know my thoughts will probably change when faced with the challenge again. It was hard, people! Anyway, please don’t judge me for quitting so soon and for admitting that it was hard for me the first time around.

Any ideas for baby girl names?

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