Thursday, February 22, 2007

soda or pop?

Beth over at Playgroup Dropout started this small change thing. This month’s challenge
is to make some small sacrifice and give the money that sacrifice would normally cost you and donate it to charity. There have been some good ideas listed in response to her post and I’ve been thinking about it a lot off and on for the last week.

I've also been thinking about Lent since Ash Wednesday was this week. I think I’ve decided to give up soft drinks for Lent. It’s going to be pretty tough because I used to not really drink soft drinks, but lately for some reason I’ve gotten back on a diet drink kick so I’ve decided to give them the boot (no pun intended – really). Anyway, I got to thinking about connecting the two. Sooooo, I guess I’m going to give up soft drinks for Lent and then whatever money (probably about $3/twelve pack) I save I will donate to a children’s charity.

I realize that Lent is longer that the monthly challenge should be but since Beth is extending her challenge from Feb. 15th to the end of March (to make it an even month thing) then I can surely do it one more week or so after that, don’t you think? It’s going to be hard people. But I am confident that I can do it. And besides, it’s almost Friday and I haven't had one since before Lent started on Wednesday.

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