Friday, February 16, 2007

i like free stuff and i cannot lie

I went to give blood the other day and those people made me SO MAD! My mom and dad always meet me there and we donate on the same day so that way they can take little J and go on home while I stay to donate. It was really crowded ‘cause, you know, we went on Valentine’s Day because they give lots of free stuff on holidays and such. Anyway, I was a little late getting there because the little girl woke up a little late from her morning nap and so I was really impatient to start off with and anxious about getting to work on time. I read and filled out all of the paperwork and they told me to “go on back.” Well, when I “went on back” no one said anything to me for what seemed like five minutes and I just stood there holding my empty bag and papers until finally someone told me to have a seat in another waiting area. I was the first person in a growing line seated in the waiting room. After about 15 or 20 minutes I saw someone raising their arm up and getting bandaged up to leave. I knew I would be taken back soon.

Then – wouldn’t you know it – someone had just gotten done with their paperwork and was told to “go on back” and they were taken next. I was LIVID! I now had less than an hour to give blood and get across town to work.

Luckily, someone else finished up just then and I was able to go next. It just made me so angry that they seemed to have a good system down and then some stupid people stopped following the rules! Anyway, all was right in the world again when they handed me my free muffins, T-shirt, and magnetic memo pad.

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