Tuesday, February 13, 2007

who do you appreciate?

Teacher appreciation week this week. It’s going to be rough on my waistline I fear. I had gotten as low as one pound above my pre-baby weight. Then I started this little cycle I’m currently in, you know the one where I don’t stick to my diet that well? Yeah, that one. And now I’m back up to only 14.5 pounds down and 2.5 pounds above pre-baby weight.

We have a short work week because Thursday and Friday we are out for winter break. For teacher appreciation week on Monday the parents had set up a huge room full of goodies for us to snack on all day. Tuesday they are taking our classes to lunch for us while we go have a buffet meal with our coworkers. Wednesday is a special chapel service honoring all of the teachers as well as Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee/hot chocolate all morning long in the break room. Then to top it all off we can stop by and pick up a homemade dinner to take home to our families on Wednesday afternoon. Is my school wonderful or what?!

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Merritt said...

I LOVED the take-home dinner night! I think I will always remember the name of the mom who did my dinner because it was absolutely perfect! I hope you felt appreciated this week and are enjoying your time off!

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