Friday, March 23, 2007

363 days old

Twenty Characteristics of One*

  • One holds out an object to be praised, “Thank you!” and then quickly takes it back.
  • One tries to pick and choose what to eat and what not to eat.
  • One tries “jumping” with feet still planted on the floor.
  • One squeals and laughs.
  • One throws temper tantrums.
  • One no longer drinks from bottles.
  • One can be a wobbly walker with hands on hips.
  • One sometimes tucks toys/stuffed animals under her arms to free up her hands.
  • One plays many, many, many, many games of peek-a-boo.
  • One grunts and reaches pleadingly for objects she desires.
  • One goes up the stairs and down the stairs over and over again.
  • One plays in the toilet.
  • One pulls up her shirt or dress while walking around.
  • One walks over to objects (like a toy wagon or a MAMA), backs up, and squats down to sit on said object.
  • One rubs eyes with tiredness and sucks on her bib or little stuffed lamb.
  • One begs to be picked up with arms stretched out.
  • One squeals with delight while playing in the dirt.
  • One enjoys watching the weather forecast on the local news.
  • One occasionally tries to eat ladybugs.
  • One points outside and waits expectantly.
  • One is a squirmy worm (especially at diaper time).
  • One loves to brush her teeth and gets mad when you try to do it for her.
  • One is FUN!

*Idea shamelessly stolen from Stephanie.

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