Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Best. Husband. Ever.

Did you read Emily’s most recent post?? Ya’ll. I wish I could think like that. She says:

Dave is a wonderful father, and I want him to believe that, but I don’t think he will be confident about his abilities if all I do is correct him and try to make him do things my way. Who cares if he doesn’t warm up the bottle to the exact same temperature I would? Asher still drinks it. Why should it matter if Dave scrubs off Asher’s cradle cap with a washcloth instead of a soft-bristled brush? It works either way.
I love my husband for all that he has done for the little girl and I. He goes to work and does it every day. He comes home and does some more. Then he goes off and does something to help out someone else out and then, yes he comes back and he does more for us.

And I am critical. I correct him. I nag him. I moan and groan to him about the dumbest little things. I do less than my share of everything. I give a little and I take a lot. And a lot of times I am unappreciative. For all of these things I am sorry.

So let me learn from Emily. Let me recognize that we all struggle with the guilt of being a mommy and a wife. But most importantly, let me try to be thankful for having the bestest husband on the planet and not take him for granted. I love you, Booger.

1 comment:

Devra said...

Sounds like you "picked" a winner! ;)

Sounds like you are also giving him some daddy guilt absolution too by helping to point out the good stuff he does for you and your family! Well done!

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