Saturday, March 3, 2007

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I went to the Healthy Living Expo earlier today and that was kinda neat. I got to see Matt and Suzy Hoover from The Biggest Loser, one of my favorite TV shows. We heard them speak about becoming healthy and losing weight and Suzy looked so adorable with her new haircut and tiny little pregnant belly.

I got some fun freebies too, like lots of cool ink pens, coupons, free passes to the YMCA, hand sanitizer, etc. Who doesn’t love free stuff? My granddaddy always said to take the freebies and help the printer.

After that we went to eat lunch. Yummy. I cheated on my diet. Yummy. And now we are home. Yummy. The little girl is taking a much needed nap and some Tylenol is kicking in to give her a break from the pain of those dern molars. And I just cheated on my diet again. Yummy. But I still haven’t had a coke.

**Updated to add: Oh! And I also just found out that Alison Sweeney is going to be the new host of show. Yippeee! Love her.

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