Thursday, March 15, 2007

Five Days

I have a question. Would we appreciate the weather if it were sunny and warm like this all the time? Or would we just take it for granted like we do everything else? Are people in California generally happier people?

I mean, seriously, I've walked outside several times today. I spent literally all day outside yesterday except for the 3 hours I worked and 1 hour I was in a meeting. It is absolutely beautiful. Comfortable and nice. Doesn't it just make you smile when the weather is like this? It didn't used to make me feel this way, but for some reason now it does.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that about 11 months ago the weather was like this, but I spent most of my time inside a dark house, being depressed and crying. Mostly about how different life had become and how frustrating nursing was to me. Anyway, this year the warm weather makes me euphoric. I know that if I spent time like this outside most days I would be a happier person. It's really nice how the weather can do that do to. It's officially Spring in five days.

But tomorrow they're calling for lots of rain and thunderstorms. :(

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