Thursday, March 15, 2007

stupid dog

Julianna has started throwing temper tantrums to get what she wants. She literally throws her body down on the floor and screams. We're trying our best to ignore her and she usually stops crying pretty soon after, especially if we can leave the room that she's in to guarantee she gets no attention.

ANYWAY, she's also gotten to where she points at the window and "asks" to go outside. As I've mentioned before, she loves to look out at the neighbor's new puppy. Well, the other day she saw the big dog across the street starting out on a walk with his owners. She got so excited when she realized that I was taking her over to see the doggie.

Then last night we were out in the yard planting flowers. I know. Flowers? Me? Planting? I'll wait while you stop rolling on the floor laughing. Now. Feel better? Good. So... we were out planting flowers and the neighbor and the big dog started out on a walk again. When the neighbor asked, "Does Julianna want to see the dog?" I said, "sure" and we headed over in their direction.

It started out as a simple visit in our driveway. Jules got really excited and flapped her arms wildly when she got close to him. He let her pet him and she grinned from ear to ear. Then I put her down so he could lick her face.

Let me pause here to say that this dog weighs over a hundred pounds and is definitely a few inches taller than she is. He is a rescued dog who has come a long way since he was first adopted by our neighbors. There are some bad pictures here, but at least you can see that he is rougly the height of the MAILBOX. The other day he accidentally knocked her over by nudging her with his nose while she was petting him. But I digress.

To make a long story short, last night when we were done talking I picked the little girl up and we started to head on our way, when the stupid dog leaped up and bit my baby!



I immediately jerked her back and pulled up her shirt to see if there was blood. (He bit her belly/side around the top of her diaper.) She started wailing. I tried to calm her. The owner pulled the dog's leash and apologized several times. She even came back later on to check and see if Jules was OK. She really was fine and calmed down easily, but I was definitely shaken. She was mainly just scared too. I looked this morning and she has a faint bruise and pink streak but it has mostly gone away.

But I think it will be YEARS before we get a dog.

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