Monday, March 5, 2007

mini hills and mountains of cake

Another mini hill, around the curve, and to the light pole. We can do it.

We chanted this over and over again as my sister and I ran 5 miles yesterday. I wore and embarrassing outfit and the wind was blowing our hair and snot into our face. My husband and little girl topped off the dorkiness of it all by driving the car beside us and cheering us on every 1/2 mile or so. We did it.

Soreness, chafed arms and all. I have my first battle wounds from running. But my pride? My pride is soaring.

Today I am 29 years old and I ran five miles straight yesterday. I rock.

Last night we celebrated with dinner at a restaurant with the Worst Service Ever. I won't tell you the name, but let's just say I intentionally got the salad bar as my meal because I was saving up for a huge feast on dessert afterwards. Well, after the service was so bad, we skipped the dessert and hightailed it outta that place. I was devastated, but luckily my hubby is good enough to me to take me to the other side of the mall to get a Molten Chocolate Cake from Chili's to take home. YUM! All 1270 calories and 62 grams of fat of it.

Life is so good. To say that my happiness level is out the roof would be an extreme understatement. :)


Whitney said...

I'm glad you are so happy and I'm glad it's your birthday! And yes, we do rock!

Nanna said...

Wow! 29 years! Where has the time gone? It only seems like a few days ago that you were smelling tulips with White Paws in the front yard.
I am so very proud of you and Whit for sticking to your running-are you sure it was only 5 miles to the Dell plant?

Merritt said...

YAY for March birthdays! Sounds like it was heavenly merely because of the dessert. Dessert is important on birthdays. I made sure to buy a whole 2 quarts of Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip icecream--my favorite!

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