Sunday, March 25, 2007

365 days or 525,600 minutes or 1 year

Dear Jules,

You’re turning one! Now when we ask you, “Julianna, how old are you?” you answer correctly when you hold out that adorable chubby finger. I’m so proud of the little girl you’ve become and I can’t believe how fast you’re growing up. This year has really been a whirlwind!

You’ve had a blast outside the past few weeks as the weather has gotten warmer and I revel each day that it’s nice outside in what wonderful timing God has. He was certainly doing a good thing by following His plan instead of ours and bringing you to us in March. What a good month to have a birthday! What a good month to have a one year old!

You understand so much more now than you did last month. We can ask, “What does the cow say?” and you respond, “Mmmmmmm” or “What does the duck say?” and sometimes you give a short, “Quack!” (And sometimes it’s even, “Tack!” but you’re amazing anyway Stinker.)

You take only one nap a day now. It was a really easy transition from two to one and now that we have longer mornings together, I’m thinking about signing us up for a class together at the Little Gym. You’re such an easy, good natured girl. Thank you for that.

Another cool thing that happened this month was the fact that we got you down to no more bottles; you only drink from sippy cups now. You eat basically what we eat, except no more shrimp, I promise. We’ll see how you do with the transition to cow’s milk.

You’ve also started to sing the ABCs with me on the way to Nanna and Papaw’s house each day. I’ve always sung to you – ever since the first day back to work, but now you hum along, just like you know the words but choose not to say them exactly. You’re so smart. You call yourself “Anna” which I can understand. It’s hard to say long words like Julianna. I pointed out your potty seat the other day and you looked at it and said, “Anna?”

You’re also a very brave girl. Since your Mama never vacuums you got scared of the running vacuum cleaner the other day. You ran back and forth from Nanna to Papaw just shaking with fear. But you know what? They said that after just a minute or two you calmed right down and investigated what that scary thing was all about. I’m so proud of you.

Your father sings to you every night and you go right to sleep. He’s been gone all week for work and he’s been missing you terribly. He thinks you’ll forget him and your slight clinginess to me has made him worry that you don’t love him as much. Doodlebug, I'm so glad that you gave him big hugs and kisses this week to make sure he knew otherwise!

Happy birthday, Julianna! I hope you have a fun day.

We love you!

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