Friday, July 27, 2007

i wish i wore a size three

Last night my mom and and went shopping for Jules some new clothes. I've been wrestling with her this week trying to get her chubby little arms through the sleeves of her shirts and then when I do finally get the shirts on, her belly sticks out underneath or it's stretched across her chest so tight that you can practically see every fine little baby hair she has across her torso.

We started out in Carter's. I immediately found the most adorable little brown sweater shrug with white polka dots and started searching for her size. My heart sunk when I realized that I was in the baby section so I quickly started making my way back to the toddler sizes. As I walked through the rounders I saw another outfit that I was determined to buy for her, thinking that they would certainly have that same outfit in the larger sizes too. Wrong.

Utter disappointment came over me when I looked at the choices I had for toddler size clothing. The selection was not as good, the prices were higher and the colors not nearly as soft and pretty. This same thing happened at three other stores. Walk in, pass the cute little rompers, dresses, and bubble suits, journey to the back of the store to the limited selection of T-shirts and sweatpants. *sigh*

My baby has grown up and she doesn't get adorable baby clothes anymore. Carter's didn't have either outfit in the larger sizes and although I did get a couple of pairs of leggings and a few shirts for her for this fall, I was still extremely sadded by the realization that my little girl is no longer a baby.

And I still can't believe that my 1.5 year old will soon be wearing a size 3T.

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