Sunday, July 15, 2007

list of the week

Wheee!! Shopping Spree!

Fun things I bought today:

  • Three bathing suits from the Disney Store for twenty bucks! Twenty bucks! Granted, they'll have to wait until next summer because they are 3T and 4Ts, but they're cute.

  • A "Bed in a Bag" set for Julianna's big girl room (whenever she gets there). It's so adorable! Light blue with some big retro circle-like designs on it in pink and orange. I want to paint the walls an orangey sherbet color. The best part? It was only $47.99 on clearance (with FREE SHIPPING) and includes the queen size comforter, flat and fitted sheets, pillow cases and shams, and bed skirt! Whoo hooo!

  • A new camera. (Actually the husband bought this one.) We had a $100 credit from Dell left over from a little mixup we had when we ordered my laptop. Then my most-awesome-in-the-world husband "found" some forgotten money in his Paypal account and wham! We ordered a new camera. He is so sweet to use all his money on me. :) I won't have it in time to take to the beach on Wednesday but he should be able to bring it down when he comes later on. Awesome!

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