Sunday, July 15, 2007

reminds me of meat curing

My sister.

Gotta love her.

Somehow she talked us into going to something called "Metabolic Effect." It's supposed to be a "scientific based exercise that works FOR your body and not AGAINST it." It's a "high energy, science based 30 minute work out" with the concept of "pushing an individuals muscles to overload in a safe manner." This class is offered at the Y for free for July and August and while it is only 30 minutes, during the class last Tuesday I glanced in the mirror at my cottage cheese laden, huge and jiggly thighs and would have been repulsed if I hadn't been too busy DYING.

When they say, "you will use multiple joints and muscles concurrently by doing hybrid based exercises... the effects have been known to last hours and even days" they weren't AT ALL kidding. I winced in pain just rising to a standing position or going upstairs to bed at night for at least three days afterwards. I am glad I went. Empowering. Somehow my sister can do that to you.

Anyway, I just read this article on the Diet Blog. The quoted instructions for the patches especially struck me. And I can't help but wonder, how big do they make those patches? I might be willing to try them if they come in giant ham-hock size.

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Whitney said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha! You forgot to mention that while you are standing there trying not to collapse in a ball on the floor, the instructor comes around yelling "GOOD REST" and "Way to drop those weights!"

Seth and I are glad you joined us. And please, I didn't exactly drag you in there kicking and screaming. You have more motivation than you give yourself credit for.

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