Friday, July 20, 2007

oh of the joys of parenting

My little girl woke me up at 6 am this morning. She normally gets up around 7:15 but lately we'd been pushing bedtime back 30 minutes and she'd been getting up around 7:40. This morning? Not so much.

Since we're sharing a room here at the beach she's laying in the pack 'n play on the other side of the bedroom. I'm laying there on my back staring straight up at the ceiling and trying to be as still as a stick so she won't hear me and *might* go back to sleep.

(She does this sometimes at home - wakes up an hour or two early and then goes back to sleep for another long while before finally getting up for good - so it was a good theory. Stop laughing.)

So all of a sudden my stomach growls LOUDLY and I hear my daughter (my flesh and blood who gets her morning personness honestly) shout "MA?!"

So much for going back to sleep.

Then around 9 am this morning we're all getting sleepy and I take her back into the bedroom to lie down. She gets Lucy and starts sucking and patting and sucking and patting. She rolled and rolled on the bed with me until she was situated Just Right. Then she fell asleep. Her butt in the air. Her head right against my side.

We slept for over an hour together. Pure bliss. I haven't co-slept with my girl since she was a wee little baby.

(I feel I must point this out. It was not by my choosing, but by hers, the co-sleeping thing that is. We've often tried to bring her back to our bed and catch a few more winks, but she just usually wiggles too much.)

Anyway, this morning? Awesome.


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