Thursday, July 26, 2007

you’re so vain

As you might already know, we're at the beach for a few weeks. The condo that we're staying in has an entire wall in the living and dining room covered with a mirror. For what that mirror is for I simply don't know, but we'll leave that for pondering another day.

Anyway, we've gone out to eat for a few nights and we've actually cooked dinner several nights as well. As we would sit to eat at the dining room Julianna would start to make weird slow movements while she was chewing and picking up her food to eat it.

After being here for several days and watching her eat a few meals like that we finally figured out what she has been doing as she's eating her dinner every night. She's been watching herself eat in the mirror. She'd cock her head to one side or put her food in her hair and watch calmly as it happened.

On other occasions she'll be dancing in the living room as a commercial on TV or something or other plays some music and she'll catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror and her body will still be twirling in a circle but her eyes will stay fixed on herself in the mirror.

It's ridiculously amusing entertainment for us and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER ENROLLED IN A BALLET CLASS.

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Emily said...

I'll never forget when I enrolled my (then) 8yo daughter in taekwondo classes. She would stand in front of the two-way mirror, stance firm, and when the instructor went to adjust someone else's position, she would reach up and adjust her bangs.

The parents watching through the mirror got a kick out of that.

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