Wednesday, July 25, 2007

this one’s for my family who couldn’t be here earlier today to hear (and get) this joke

My mom's little bity bandages are slowly coming off from where she had the staples covered after her knee surgery. They told her to let them come off on their own as the scar heals and the scabs go away. They're very irritating to her as the edges curl up and get caught on her pants, the sheets, a blanket, or whatever might be on her lap.

This afternoon I walked out to join her on the balcony and the wind was a tad bit chilly so she was covering up with a beach towel that had previously been hung out to dry. We were sitting there pretty quietly when all of a sudden she exclaimed, "To heck with this! This one's going to have to be a present for the people* staying a couple floors below us!"

And with that she ripped that little sticky tag off and threw it over the balcony.

*Actually, she used their condominum number, but I'd rather not post that information here.

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