Sunday, July 8, 2007

list of the week

Things that are making me angry this week:

  • Julianna got a gigantic infected splinter in her heel. We basically had to pin her down on the bed and dig it out. It took two of us and she still screamed for at least ten minutes. It was heartbreaking to have her crying so hard and screaming for her lamb and even then nothing would console her. We did finally get it out, but not until after she’d shed a bucket of tears right before bedtime.

  • The extra-large and sore zit that I’m getting on my chin.

  • The fact that there’s NOTHING ON TV!

  • People who keep emailing me asking for things.

  • My muffin top that won’t go away (despite all of the cupcakes I’ve been eating).

Things that are making me happy this week:

  • We have a babysitter and tickets to go see HP and the OotP on Wednesday night.

  • I’m finally getting to go to the beach next week. I’m so excited! I’ll probably start packing this week because I am SO READY to get to the beach and feel that ocean breeze, read a good book on the balcony during naptime, and take the little girl in the water!

  • Some of our friends are here from Florida. Yay! I love visits from friends! We're having lunch tomorrow and catching up. Fun!

  • We’re saving for a new camera. We have no money, but still this excites me.

  • My new sling.

  • Blueberries are in! My aunt said to come pick some at her house and our playgroup is trying to arrange a day to go to a local blueberry farm together. YUM!

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