Thursday, July 19, 2007

let’s see….. what’s up?

I'm at the beach. It's hot as Hades. I just came in from running 2 miles. Today was supposed to be my easy day. It was not. See my previous statement about the heat.

I am having major anxiety over the Harry Potter book release tomorrow. I don't know why. I just keep having random thoughts about it like every 20 minutes or so. Besides, I of course am worried that since everyone is going to complete it before I am even through Chapter 5 that I will hear some parts that I don't want to hear before I even get a chance to read them myself. This will be my first experience reading an HP book as a parent so I know not to expect to read it too quickly. That means I'll have to be patient for a looonnnnngggg time. Ugh. Not my strong suit.

The parents of a good friend of ours were in a serious car accident. There were several major injuries involved. Please pray for their family. It's hard being at the beach so far away and not being able to help a lot but I'm sure it's even harded to be the daughter stuck in Florida unable to do anything until she gets here.

Sorry. Back to the running thing. I just realized that now my monthly total is already higher than my May and June totals were. AND it's only July 19th. I rock. Now I think I'll go eat a fudge round.

I miss my husband. Since someone has to earn us a living I had to leave him at home this week although he will join us next Friday. With all the packing and cleaning and getting ready to leave and all, I didn't realize how much I'd miss him once I got here, but now that I'm here I do. At least we'll have some good quality time together when he does get here. He certainly deserves a vacation. Now if you don't mind, I'm going back to mine. :)

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