Sunday, July 1, 2007

Who Else Wants A Prize?

My silly little June contest only invoked two comments. Either you guys just weren’t interested in the prize or you had nothing to say about the picture. So which was it?

I am choosing my LOVELY mom as the winner and the wonderful recipient (who has super surgery healing powers BTW) of these cards with her hilarious caption entry. I’ll deliver them this week thankyouverymuch.

Now. For the July contest.

People. There is really NO EXCUSE for not participating in this month’s contest. It’s SO EASY. I need some help getting my house clean. Like most moms and wives, I have very little time. All you have to do to win this contest is post a household cleaning tip in the comments to this entry and the person who suggests the most innovative (and simplest) (and least time-consuming) cleaning tip wins….

…drumroll please…

An all expenses paid trip to Myrtle Beach, SC any weekend in the month of August.

OK I’m just kidding.

The winner (as chosen by me of course) will receive a $5 gift card to a very cool store. And no, I'm not going to tell you the store ahead of time. You have to play to find out.



JONATHAN said...

I get to be the first entry! I have a very simple three step program for cleaning: 1) put laptop down, 2) get your butt off the couch, 3) start cleaning! It's that easy.....I wish making up for posting this was.

Jack Miller said...

Give Julianna a wet cloth. She has already washed my car.

Whitney said...

If you saw my house right now, you would know that I'm the one who needs the cleaning tips!

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