Wednesday, August 23, 2006

100 things…

<p><span style="font-family:trebuchet ms;">1. My name is Courtney.<br />2. My last name rhymes with a bad word.<br />3. If it weren’t my last name I would consider naming my children just that because I like it.<br />4. My college roommates and I actually wanted to name our cat that name because we all once lived in a dorm called that except we decided not to because my boyfriend at the time (bet you couldn’t guess he’s my husband now) had it as a last name.<br />5. My initials are the same as a television music station.<br />6. My self given nickname is Triple C (for chocolate covered cherry).<br />7. In college I gave my husband the nickname CTO (for Christmas Tree Ornament).<br />8. My husband and I have been together for 9 years although we will celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary in October 2006.<br />9. We got married in my church but by his preacher.<br />10. At the end of the reception we ran out of the church to our lovely decorated car (including saran wrapped doors and jacked up tires), ran right around it and jumped into my uncle’s van. As he drove us away we watched everyone’s shocked expressions.<br />11. That is my favorite photo from our wedding.<br />12. Our wedding cake fell just before the reception. I didn’t care. We were still able to eat it.<br />13. I love cake.<br />14. I love dark chocolate.<br />15. I love salsa and chips. Especially when the chips are warm and salty. Especially when the salsa is a little on the hot side. And especially when they are served to me quickly.<br />16. Sweet potatoes make me want to gag and you’d have to pay me a lot of money to get me to drink root beer.<br />17. I hate the texture of watermelon. It reminds me of floral oasis.<br />18. I also hate the texture of eggs. They remind me of rubber.<br />19. I like foods that are supposed to be cold, cold. And I like food that is supposed to be hot, hot. For instance, I prefer not to eat potato salad because potatoes are supposed to be hot not cold and it really bothers me when people eat cold pizza.<br />20. I could easily eat a whole pizza if I tried, but I won’t because I’m trying to lose weight.<br />21. I’m always trying to lose weight. Well, maybe I wasn’t as a child. Just sometimes I try harder than others.<br />22. I was born in March 1978. March is a good month to be born in.<br />23. My daughter was born in March 2006.<br />24. I wanted a boy, but I am so glad to have her and wouldn’t change it for the world.<br />25. My mother in law thinks my daughter’s nickname is horrible and she wishes we wouldn’t call her that.<br />26. I wish that I were more assertive.<br />27. I wish that it were easier for me to say no to people.<br />28. I wish that this list were easier to write.<br />29. I am a Christian.<br />30. I have a cat named Simon. He likes to ride on the top of our car and has to be run off as we exit the neighborhood.<br />31. I am afraid of riding a go-cart.<br />32. I hate spam (both the food and the email kind).<br />33. I love, love, love reality TV.<br />34. I also love the Food Network although I don't have cable.<br />35. I love good commercials. Especially ones with catchy jingles. My sister and I memorize them and then sing them to each other.<br />36. My sister is my only sibling. She is one of my best friends and I admire her for all that she is.<br />37. I CANNOT STAND Nicholas Cage, Ashley Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Comedy Central, or the Simpsons.<br />38. I love movies.<br />39. My favorite movies are Beaches, The Princess Bride, The Green Mile, Misery, and The Notebook.<br />40. I lived in London for a month. Other than that I’ve always lived in North Carolina.<br />41. I am a teacher.<br />42. I majored in Accounting until I decided to change my major to Business (Information Systems) my very last semester in college.<br />43. I wish there were more station wagons on the market these days.<br />44. I am an alumnae of Sigma Alpha Omega.<br />45. I am almost exactly like my mother. Our senior high school pictures look exactly alike.<br />46. I have learned from my father to invest as much as possible in the stock market.<br />47. I hate returning phone calls. I think we should ban phones and only use email.<br />48. It really bothers me how companies like the cell phone companies will only authorize changes on the account for the primary account holder (even if I am his wife or her sister or whatever).<br />49. My family and I have a goal to go hiking every time there is a fifth Sunday.<br />50. I like tulips.<br />51. Summer is my favorite season. (Did I mention I’m a teacher? ha ha)<br />52. I am still learning to cook.<br />53. I like to cook, but I hate to clean up. I am also not very good at cooking. I think I will still be learning to cook even when I’m eighty years old.<br />54. I like doing laundry, but I hate washing dishes.<br />55. I love coupons, but I hate dealing with rebates.<br />56. I am a sucker for kittens.<br />57. I am such a tightwad that I really hate wasting even the slightest bit of food or scrap of paper.<br />58. My biggest pet peeve is when you open a door and people walk through the door you’re holding open. Especially when you open the door on the right and they have a door on the left (their right) to come through.<br />59. I have a bad habit of correcting my husband’s pronunciation of any word I may think he pronounced wrong.<br />60. I can’t throw.<br />61. I love scrapbooking.<br />62. I have worked at The Limited, as a telemarketer for my college, at Curves, at Kohl’s, and had various teaching jobs.<br />63. I voted for President Bush.<br />64. In the 12+ years I've been driving I have gotten two speeding tickets and one warning for “running a red light” which I will still debate strongly with anyone who wants to talk about it. 65. I love Myrtle Beach.<br />66. I love snow days. (Again, I’m a teacher.)<br />67. I try not to go anywhere without my camera and my laptop.<br />68. I want to go to Australia and New Zealand.<br />69. Sadly, I like Days of Our Lives. “It’s time to start the exorcism!”<br />70. In college I ate an entire bag of Hershey’s Nuggets in one sitting.<br />71. I gained more than the “freshman fifteen.” (see number 70)<br />72. My daughter is the first grandchild on both sides.<br />73. I wish I knew more programming languages.<br />74. I am not really afraid of snakes or spiders, but I don’t like jumping bugs.<br />75. Mosquitoes really have a thing for me.<br />76. I wet my pants occasionally. (When laughing. When exercising. When picking little J up. Seriously. Love being a mom. Love it.)<br />77. I have two favorite words in Spanish (izquierda and iglesia). I just think they sound cool.<br />78. I can’t whistle very well.<br />79. I don’t like horses.<br />80. I love college basketball.<br />81. I don’t always use all the correct fingers to press each key when I type.<br />82. I am not very good at Dance, Dance, Revolution.<br />83. I am having a really hard time trying to do this list all by myself.<br />84. I think all hotels should have free internet access.<br />85. I used to sell Tupperware.<br />86. I miss Katie Couric on TODAY. (OK so that one's not about me. How about this one? I want to go to a monster truck show just for kicks.)<br />87. I have a treadmill that I never use (like everyone else in America but I don’t hang clothes on it).<br />88. My first date with my husband included dinner and a movie… with my younger sister and two of her friends.<br />89. I once was a homecoming queen (when I was about ten).<br />90. My favorite flavor of ice cream is cookies and cream (although this changes daily).<br />91. I get car sick.<br />92. I will never go to Paris again.<br />93. I am pear shaped and currently need to lose about 25 pounds.<br />94. I used to date a guy my mom and sister called “mosquito boy.”<br />95. I’ve never liked Saturday Night Live.<br />96. I’ve never broken a bone in my body, but had stitches several times.<br />97. Loud people get on my nerves.<br />98. I love to go shopping before dawn the day after Thanksgiving.<br />99. I answer stupid product surveys for money.<br />100. I hate when I interrupt people.</span></p>


Courtney said...

I was trying to find some information about the cricut, which by the way I did buy from Wal-Mart this weekend, on the internet and in mys search I came across your blogg. I don't usually read bloggs in fact yours may be the first I've ever read, I found it quite interesting. I wish I could have years of journaling somewhere. I don't write anything anywhere. I did identify with many of the things you have gone through, I happen to have four children of my own and I remember what it felt like when they were all little and I just didn't seem to be able to keep it all together the way I wanted to. As the years have gone by my perspective on things have changed a lot. We were doing some house cleaning today and my 13 year old daughter just wanted to talk, I could tell, she kept coming out of her room and telling me about friends or books, or whatever, so I asked her if she wanted to make some rice krispie treats. She jumped on that! I said to her that we should write a book titled "Our house is not clean because...we make rice krispie treats. And other fun excuses." She thought we should get right on that. Kids grow up too fast, don't stress about the things that will always be there, like cleaning and laundry, spending time with the kids, now that's what counts. I'm grateful I finally figured that out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blogg. I did laugh and I think I'm a lot like you. Merry Christmas!

Courtney said...


Just wanted to let you know that I mention your Web site on a post I wrote about number 49 on your list. I love the idea of doing something special every fifth Sunday. Thanks for sharing!

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