Wednesday, August 16, 2006

round and round we go

i would like to read a book. a book with more than 10 pages. a book with big words and no illustrations. (i slept great last night by the way, despite taking forever to fall asleep because of all of the snot draining in my head causing me to be unable to breathe at times. that's a pleasant thought.) anyway, now my wish is to just read. if i could just have one day where i could read and read i would be oh so happy. maybe that chance will come... one day...

so today is the first day of school. all the kiddies will want to see pictures of little j so i have to get those together. i also want to post some of the latest but instead i feel like crap so i am going to do just what i have to to get by today and then maybe this weekend will bring brighter days.

you see, it's not that i hate school. it's just that going back to work (and actually being ready to work) when you have a baby to care for too requires so much organization. so much organization that my type-A personality and my attention-to-detail brain are freaking out right about now. freaking out to the point of meltdown daily. my husband is sick of hearing about it and time never slows down. so we keep barreling on.

oh and i promised i would start back on my diet today. ugh. dieting and being sick don't go well together, but i promised. at least i had a nice piece of blueberry pound cake last night for a final fling.

and so another round of life begins.

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