Monday, August 21, 2006

ode to a husband

for my darling booger who gave to me
the bestest weekend there ever could be...

you washed all the bottles and
paid all our bills
you folded our laundry and
let me just chill

you took care of little j
so i could catch up on work
you played with her and laughed with her
and made sure she didn't get hurt

you even gave me play time
to catch up on reading my blogs
and let me take a nap
so i would no longer be in a fog

you cleaned the kitchen floor
and gassed up my car
you picked up my dinner
so i wouldn't starve

you're the best i could ask for
and i'll love you 'til death
you've earned so many points
i'll say thank you with every breath

i owe you booger! thank you!

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