Wednesday, August 9, 2006

life has suddenly gotten overwhleming

i don't want this to be a post about how much i have to do item by item although that is extremely tempting to write about. let's just say i have bunches and bunches to do and it hit me all at once today with a big 'ol headache to boot. i cried on my way home just thinking about how i'm going to manage to get everything done (and it's only my third day back at work). at least little J is helping me out and taking a long nap now. soooooooo i'd better get off to work instead of letting the internet suck me in. [IT'S LIKE A DRUG I TELL YA!!] anyway, send some of your extra time my way if you would be so kind (oh come on! you know you can spare a little!) because at this rate i don't know how i'm ever going to be ready for those 7th graders when they walk in my room next Wednesday!

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