Saturday, August 5, 2006

ahhhhh, bliss

my dear hubby let me go to Target this morning. ALL BY MYSELF. yes i spent over $300, but I don't care (you read right. i did say three. hundred. dollars.). but let me defend myself. i bought a large gift for a baby shower and about $150 in baby diapers (omg tax-FREE) and formula. it was pure bliss. no baby to worry about getting crabby or spitting up and no time schedule to keep. thank you my darling, dear hubby. ahhhh, the little things in life...

so in other news, a couple of friends of ours just got their adopted baby from China home and i've been thinking a lot about them as they've sent many email updates and pictures lately. their story is a long one involving the loss of their sons, etc., etc. i've also been reading
many infertiles' blogs lately and i just keep realizing over and over again how blessed i am to have my daughter. she truly is a miracle and i am so lucky. i cannot imagine loving anything or anyone more. thanks for all of the reminders. help me to never take her for granted.
oh, oh, oh i gotta go! they're re-running project runway!

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