Monday, August 28, 2006

time for a little reading

we were going to order a router off of amazon but after thinking on that one for [significantly less than] a few hours i promptly sent husband to the store to purchase one (yes!) with a coupon i remembered i had (double-yes!). we were able to plug in my desktop with a straight connection, but no wireless = no laptop on the couch with the TV going in front of me so i decided i couldn’t wait for amazon to deliver. anyway, internet is back up and now i’m trying to catch up on all of my blog reading.

well, i’m sure you already know this, but you people write A LOT!!! i especially enjoyed reading one of famous Amy’s posts this week [but then who doesn’t enjoy reading some of her stuff?]. her post described something i would do almost word for word.

and as usual i missed a lot on Zoot's blog this week as i slacked on my reading. oh how i would have loved to go visit Zoot’s house, but apparently i missed out. darn it! anyway, lots of fun reading to catch up on... this may have to substitute for my book reading...

sorry there's nothing more exciting here. i'll have more fun stuff tomorrow. pinky swear.

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