Friday, August 11, 2006

the curse of the blogger

i know that this is somewhat cliche in the blogging world, but i went through my day today with a full post composed in my head and now that i get to the computer it seems pointless and stupid. why in the world was i going to ramble on with various complaints about being a part-time employee? no one wants to read that. besides, i got it all out of my system without complaining about it on my blog so there's not need to ramble anymore.

furthermore, is this what blogging does to people? it makes us constantly "write" and "re-write" posts in ours heads all day long. it's almost all-consuming. a subconscious thought that takes up permanent residence in our brains. huh. sounds kinda like being a first time mom. (but at least i'm not to the point where i have a bunch of unfinished posts saved as drafts.)

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