Monday, August 7, 2006

gotta go back, back to school again*

i am so happy to read and i couldn't agree more with Beth today as she posted, "Having a baby is a huge, life-altering, universe-shaking thing. Everybody knows that, but until you have done it yourself you probably don't understand the degree to which it reshapes every aspect of your existence, at least early on. Sooner or later, you will be ready to take a step back for a minute, take a deep breath, focus on other things. Sooner or later you will be desperate to have a conversation about anything at all that has nothing to do with babies, teething, poop, flinging rice cereal, etc."

the "sooner or later" part is what really gets me excited. i am currently in the "baby obsessed" period. my daughter is all i think about, all i talk about, and all i dream about. i was certainly not thrilled about going back to work today, but i managed and my baby is just fine (just like you all told me she would be). in fact, she really didn't even know that i was gone. i dread the day when she cries when i leave her (but that's something for another day).

she is now officially sitting up without assistance for extended periods of time. (i know, i know, everyone told me that they change overnight, but i thought that was just an expression.) i have literally seen changes in her since yesterday! of course i hate to think of what i will miss while i'm away from her, but it also brings me joy to think that it will be my parents who get to witness her growing and changing. i am so blessed to have them available to keep her. i also know that going back to work is what i ultimately want anyway. it's still just hard.

*lyrics from Grease II

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