Friday, August 25, 2006

5 months

Dear Julianna,

You are five months old! I can’t believe how time flies! Just about one year ago today I went to the doctor’s office and saw you for the very first time. I couldn’t believe that it was true, that I was going to be blessed with my first child. I was so very excited to see you and your father was too. But he was also very nervous about going in at first so unfortunately he missed out on seeing you that first time, but he would see you soon. Little did I know then what the next year would have in store for us!

The past five months have flown by. You are eating real food now. You love applesauce, bananas, peaches, and pears. The cereal you love not so much, but we still try to make you eat it for the iron. You kick your chubby little legs and grunt in excitement when we sit you in the high chair. You take the spoon out of our hands and shove it in your mouth so forcefully that you sometimes gag yourself. You are your mother’s daughter. :)

You can sit up by yourself and you want to do it all the time. Heaven forbid there be something going on in the room that you can’t see. You’ve been rolling over tummy to back for about a month now and you’ve gotten really good at it. It really makes it hard for me to change your diaper as you squirm your way around the floor and changing table. You are really close to mastering the back to tummy roll.

We call you Drooly Julie sometimes because girl, you can drool! You’re little white teeth can be seen through your swollen gums and you chew on absolutely EVERYTHING. Still no tooth has popped through even though I know it won’t be long.

You really hate to have your mouth wiped. You have learned that fast because of all of the spitting up you do. We constantly have to wipe your face and clean out your neck folds. Sometimes I feel like I’m the worst mama because I can’t make you stop spitting up so much and although it doesn’t seem to bother you, it still breaks my heart to see you do it all the time because I know it can’t be fun.

And speaking of chubby neck folds, you’re a little porker! Your baby fat is so adorable! Everyone says that you will really slim down once you start crawling and walking, but for now you are as cute as can be! After all you’re around 18 pounds and 27 inches! You’re a big girl!

We sing the alphabet song on the way to Nanna and Papaw’s every day. You love to be sung to, especially by your daddy. You have so much fun splashing around in the tub with him too. Sometimes you splash so much water out of the tub that he has to take his shirt off because it’s getting soaking wet.

Jules, we love you girl. We could never have imagined how life would be with you in it and we certainly cannot imagine now how life would be without you.


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