Thursday, August 3, 2006

normal schmormal

i keep having to realize the same thing over and over again. that life will never be the same as it was before the baby. things you never think about take on a whole new difficulty level once you have a child.

for example, yesterday i gave blood while
my sister kept little J. i gave regularly before i got pregnant. well when i went yesterday i did what i usually do and signed up for my next appointment before i left. when i went to write down the date and time i started trying to come up with a "good" date and time to donate again. i was trying to figure out if it would be easier to do it on my way home from work or on my way to work or on the weekends or what and i got to thinking... when does one with an infant do "normal" things like give blood? i mean, where does little J sit while they're pumping the stuff out of my arm for ten minutes?

so anyway, i guess i just keep redefining "normal" now. it's certainly not a bad thing and i wouldn't trade how it is now for the world, but it sure is a different "normal".

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