Thursday, August 31, 2006

my mom

my mom is a pretty cool mom. she has been so great about my parenting skills. i’ll complain about how so-and-so said that i should do such-and-such and she’ll respond SO CORRECTLY by emphatically saying, “they can’t remember 30 years ago” or “so what?” she’s always seemingly on my side which is totally what i’ve needed since i’ve become a parent – someone on my side and not always suggesting other ways to do it or always telling her experience like it’s the only one that matters.

she baby-sits Jules at the drop of a hat and she offers an opinion with (usually) not too much pressure. i’m not just writing all of this because she’s reading it either. whatever harebrained thought i have about little J she just goes along with it, knowing *i guess* that i just have to learn for myself. anyway, she’ll do what i ask even if i am nazi-ish about it and i love her for that.

she also gives me leftovers when i drop Jules off at her house so sometimes i don’t have to make my lunch. and you know what?! monday it was my FAVORITIST MEAL EVER.

she doesn’t complain when i come early in the mornings or when i’m a little late from work some afternoons. and she doesn’t expect to see Julianna every time she wants to either. (very much unlike all those other people who claim they won’t see her again until she’s walking. ugh!)

but most of all, i love my mom because i understand a mother’s love now. i can truly appreciate all that she’s done for me and all that she still will do. and i love my mom because she loves my daughter.

“We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves.” --Henry Ward Beecher

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