Thursday, August 31, 2006

two for two

we went running again this morning. so far i’m down 3 pounds since school started two weeks ago and 7.5 since two weeks before that. i’ve exercised three times this week already. yay for me! today i don’t think i ran quite as much as i did Tuesday, but i still ran/walked for 30 minutes.

in anticipation of this morning’s folly we had some funny conversations last night.

husband on running this past Tuesday: it really wasn’t that bad until i realized i’d only been running for four minutes and was about to step on my tongue.

me (eager to get out of exercising any more than i have to): but what about the rain tomorrow?

sister on running again this morning: i’ll walk in the rain. as long as i don’t get mauled by a dog again.


Nanna said...

I love my family! They make me laugh :).

Jack Miller said...

The big one has a little one to look after and the little one has a big one who still wears pull ups to look after. I am glad I am retired.

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